Three Learning Styles

The idea of three learning styles is based on the observation that different people learn in different ways. In order to best serve the needs of all students, teachers should use methods that appeal to all the various learning styles, not just one or two.


three learning styles Visuals learners learn best by seeing . They therefore benefit when teachers write key points on the board instead of just saying everything out loud. They especially benefit from study charts and diagrams. Teachers can help visual learners by using PowerPoint presentations or, for younger students, by making sure the classroom environment has plenty of visuals such as posters or wall charts.


Ear Auditory learners learn best by hearing . While they do well with lectures, they might be at a disadvantage when it comes to assignments because of the degree of reading involved or because instructions are usually given on paper only. Teachers can help auditory learners in this respect by allowing them to discuss what they read in groups and by verbalizing key instructions.


Hand Tactile learners learn best by doing and by using their sense of touch. Especially in younger grades, teachers should make sure that they incorporate several hands-on activities every day in which students have to get up, move around, and touch things in order to learn.

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