Holland Career Categories

According to psychologist John Holland, there are six main career categories relating to people's personalities. To find out your "Holland Code", select the three career categories that fit you the most and order the corresponding letters according to your first, second, and third choice (e.g. - ISA).

career categories enterprising

E - Enterprising

Enterprising types like to work with people to influence, perform, persuade and lead.

Possible career areas:
any kind of management, marketing & sales


C - Conventional

Conventional types do well at jobs that involve working with data, clerical tasks, or numerical ability, carrying things out in detail or following instructions.

Possible career areas:
any kind of office or clerical work


S - Social

Social types like to work with people to inform, help, train, and enlighten.

Possible career areas:
education, health care, hospitality, social services

compass Realistic

R - Realistic

Realistic types do well at jobs that require athletic or mechanical ability, working with objects, machines, tools, plants or animals, or being outdoors.

Possible career areas:
agriculture, construction, food service, IT, manufacturing, mechanical or electrical work, transportation


A - Artistic

Artistic types like to work in unstructured environments and do well at jobs requiring artistic, innovative or intuitive abilities.

Possible career areas:
journalism, performing arts, visual arts


I - Investigative

Investigative types like to observe, learn, investigate, analyze, evaluate and solve problems.

Possible career areas:
engineering, medicine, natural sciences, social sciences

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